Top Stories: Hurricane Sandy Is A Scary Threat; Giants Defeat Tigers In Game 2

Oct 26, 2012

Good morning, here are our early stories:

If Sandy Becomes 'Frankenstorm', It Could Be Worst In A Century.

Giants Take 2-Game World Series Lead With 'Small Ball,' 'Slap & Score'.

And here are more headlines:

Both Presidential Candidates Return To Swing State Ohio This Weekend. (USA Today)

Sununu Changes Statement That Gen. Powell Endorsed Obama Because He's Black. (Politico)

Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens In Afghanistan Mosque. (BBC)

Hours After Starting, Anticipated Syrian Truce Is Falling Apart. (CNN)

Former Italian Leader Berlusconi And Others To Be Sentenced In Fraud Case. (AP)

Dozens Of Deaths, Thousands Of Burned Homes In Myanmar Sectarian Fighting. (Los Angeles Times)

China Blocks New York Times Online After Story Details Disgraced Official's Wealth. (New York Times)

Two Iranians Win E-U's Sakharov Prize For Human Rights Work. (Reuters)

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