Top Stories: India Blackouts Infuriate Millions; Gore Vidal Dies

Aug 1, 2012

Welcome to August! We're following these stories today:

Indignant In India: Blackouts Have Millions 'Fuming'.

Gore Vidal, In Words.

Syrian President Makes Remarks To Troops But Doesn't Reveal His Whereabouts. (New York Times)

Eight Female Olympic Badminton Players Face Disqualification On Charges Of Throwing Matches. (Telegraph)

Will The Federal Reserve Take Action? Policy Makers' Statement Due Today. (Bloomberg)

Tea Party Backed Ted Cruz Defeats GOP Opponent In Texas Senate Primary. (KXAS-TV)

China Facing Two Typhoons, One Deadly Storm Will Brush Taiwan. (Reuters)

Rights Group Accuses Myanmar Of Violently Persecuting Rohingya Muslims. (AFP)

Air Canada Passenger Finds Another Needle In Sandwich. (Toronto Star)

U.S. Forgets Fake Bomb On Car After Drill; Triggers Security Alert In Oslo, Norway. (ABC)

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