Top Stories: Ira Byock: The Best Care Possible, House Rejects Gay Marriage Repeal

Mar 26, 2012

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on and StateImpact - NH website.

1) The Exchange: Ira Byock: The Best Care Possible  In his new book, Byock calls for a new approach toward the end of life; one focused on taking care of persons, not just “bodies”, and helping patients and their families reach decisions about dying.

2) NH News: House Rejects Gay Marriage Repeal The 211-116 margin was a victory for gay rights advocates. It was also a shock to social conservatives, who thought a 3 to 1 GOP majority combined with a party platform that defines marriage as a between a man and women, would secure the bill’s passage.

3) Word of Mouth: Polygamy's Surprising Feminist Roots The pro-female history of polyamory.

4) Word of Mouth: A school Bus of a Different Sort Small towns rely heavily on parents to give kids rides, and on kids taking lengthy bus rides...not exactly the healthiest option at a time when childhood obesity rates are climbing exponentially.

5) North Country: Conservation Law Foundation Also Asks New PUC Commissioner Be Disqualified  The Conservation Law Foundation has joined in a request that newly appointed Public Utilities Commissioner Michael Harrington be disqualified from hearing a case involving the Merrimack  Station powerplant because it feels there is a conflict of interest involving Public Service of New Hampshire.

6) NH News: Lawmaker Drops Gun At Hearing A member of the New Hampshire House's criminal justice committee dropped a pistol on the floor of the legislative office building at a hearing on a controversial bill dealing with abortion.

7) NPR News: Americans Hit The Brakes On Nascar Individual sports are always volatile, and after being the next big thing, NASCAR's popularity has stalled.

8) North Country: For Coos: A Surprising Mix of Births, Deaths and Newcomers There’s a public perception that Coos County’s economic challenges mean a significant population loss over the last decade. But a new study shows that’s not quite right.

9) Business and Economy: Seniors Increasingly Target of Scams  According to the Federal Trade Commission, the number of complaints about consumer fraud against seniors has more than doubled since 2009.

10) NH News: Senate Walks Away from Payday Loans The Senate has blocked the return of so-called payday loans.