Top Stories: New Fiction Of 2013; Another Wind Farm Eyes The Lakes Region

Mar 11, 2013

Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

1. The Exchange: New Fiction Of 2013

For our special March Fund Drive kick-off, we bring you an extra program with our "Book Buffs." Two New Hampshire independent booksellers talk about the latest literary offerings, including some from New England authors.

2. Environment: Another Wind Farm Eyes The Lakes Region

A group that opposes wind development in New Hampshire says another wind farm is in the works for New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.

3. Health: What Medicaid Expansion Could Mean For New Hampshire Businesses

A top executive with one of New Hampshire's largest healthcare providers told a gathering of businessmen and women that they have a significant stake in how the state cares for low-income and uninsured residents.

Credit Liz Faiella for NHPR

4. Health: Soothing Cancer With The Arts

A creative arts program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon is helping cancer patients and their families deal with life-changing illness.

Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

5. Environment: Coping With The ‘Crazy Quilt’? Towns And State Revamp Shoreland Protection

Perhaps the biggest driver of New Hampshire’s tourist economy is clean water. Sparkling lakes sell boats, second homes, and jet-ski rentals. But keeping that water clean means smart development. As a new bill changing how the state protects shoreland works its way through the legislature, different New Hampshire towns disagree on what exactly smart development looks like.

6. Word Of Mouth: ‘Peyton Place’ Sixty Years Later

Nearly sixty years after “Peyton Place” was published, tourists still stop in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, to ask locals about its author, Grace Metalious. The novel shocked America with tales of small town secrets, sex, and hypocrisy, and outraged the citizens of Gilmanton, where the unconventional Matalious lived with her family.

Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

7. Environment: Who Needs Batteries? Seacoast Firm Stores Energy With Air

Solar and wind power are intermittent, and if enough of them are powering the grid, some kind of storage will be necessary. And storage means batteries, right? Not necessarily. In Seabrook New Hampshire, a start-up is doing it with compressed air.

8. Business & Economy: The Power New England, Resident Power Situation Explained

Many Granite State electric customers are scratching their heads after an electricity supplier, Power New England, was abruptly kicked out of the market two weeks ago. Customers of Power New England and its sister company, Resident Power, have had to try to sort out what's going on from media reports where utilities and power suppliers are slinging accusations back forth indiscriminately.

9. Environment: Wind Moratorium Won’t Make It Out Of Committee

New Hampshire’s legislature will not put a moratorium on new wind projects... at least not now. Today a house committee voted to work on the bill over the summer.

10. Arts & Culture: Traveling Auschwitz-Birkenau Exhibit Stops In N.H.

A new exhibit that takes a closer look at what happened at a notorious Nazi death camp opened at the New Hampshire State Library today.