Top Stories: N.H. Schools Leading In Shift To "Competency", Gorham Paper Hires First New Workers

Jun 18, 2012

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on and StateImpact - NH website.

  1. NH News:  New Hampshire Schools Leading The Way In Shift To "Competency"   At the beginning of this school year, Spaulding High School in Rochester took a big step. They put in a new grading system, got rid of final exams, and reworked how they thought about giving grades in general. The change at Spaulding is part of a bigger change happening all over the Granite State.
  2. North Country: Gorham Paper Hires First New Workers In More Than A Decade   For the first time in more than a decade a paper plant in Gorham – once thought to be dead - is hiring workers.
  3. North Country: Four Motorcyclists Die In One Day   With Laconia Bike Week underway four motorcyclists were killed in separate crashes Friday including one in the North Country, according to news releases from the state police.
  4. Word of Mouth: The Other Homebrewing Modified Cameras Catch Rare NH Wildlife   In December Fish and Game announced that for the first time they had captured photographs of Canadian Lynx alive in Northern New Hampshire. The photographer that snapped those pictures was an amateur biologist and student at UNH, named Peter Abdu.
  5. North Country: Northern Pass Competitors: Project Needs Renewable Energy Funds   A group of power providers that would compete with the Northern Pass says the project can’t make money without some kind of renewable energy, government subsidy, an assertion  Northern Pass disputes.
  6. NH News: Lynch Signs Prescription Drug Law   New Hampshire will join 48 other states in monitoring prescription drugs under a new law signed by Governor John Lynch.
  7. All Things Considered: Small Drone Aircraft Based Near Mount Washington, Report Says  According to a report from Wired Magazine, the Department of Defense has a base for drone aircraft on or near Mount Washington. It's one of 64 such bases across the country.
  8. All Things Considered: Keene State Becoming "More of What It Is," Says Outgoing President   Keene State College is saying farewell to its president of eight years. Helen Giles Gee is leaving the school at the end of the month to become president of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.
  9. The Exchange: Twilight of the Elites   A new book by liberal commentator Chris Hayes examines the widespread institutional failures over the last ten years…from government to Wall Street to the Catholic Church to major league baseball.  Hayes says this “lost decade” has led the public to distrust anyone in authority…and he points blame at a fundamental cherished  American ideal:  the meritocracy.
  10. NH News: Drug Diversion Most Likely Cause of Hepatitis C Outbreak   The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services says that drug diversion is the most likely cause of the hepatitis C outbreak at Exeter Hospital. Health officials also expect to discover more cases of the virus.The total number of hepatitis C cases tied to Exeter Hospital has risen to 26—20 of which match the original virus.