Top Stories: Our Annual Holiday Books Show; Moving Ahead Under The Affordable Care Act

Dec 17, 2012

Credit Sara Plourde, NHPR

1.  The Exchange: Our Annual Holiday Books Show

It's our annual Holiday Books Show!   Several major biographies are out, including Joseph Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson.  Also, fiction fans are raving over new releases from Louise Erdrich and Gillian Flynn.  We’ll find out what the big reads might be under your Christmas Tree!

2.  The Exchange: Moving Ahead Under The Affordable Care Act

Following President Obama’s reelection and the U.S. Supreme Court’s affirmation of much of the Affordable Care Act, the gears are in motion to implement this law 2014. We’re talking with lawmakers and health care experts about aspects of Medicaid expansion and health exchanges, major parts of the new law now being debated in the Granite State.

3.  Word of Mouth: Top 5 Audiobook-Celebrity Pairings of 2012

What really caught our attention was the way celebs and books were matched this year. Turns out, some of the pairings were part of a marketing initiative by, which paid Hollywood A-listers big bucks to raise the profile of this already-exploding genre

4.  Word of Mouth: The 10 Best NH Employers

Some employers are willing to try anything to incentivize employees to work harder and increase productivity. But what exactly are employees looking for in a job these days, aside from the pay?  Business NH Magazine's annual competition identifies the top ten best New Hampshire companies to work for and what makes them so great.

5.  NH News: On 12/12/12, Here Are 12 Things You May Not Know About N.H.

Barring some major breakthroughs in science that will get y0u to Jan. 1, 2101,  this is the last repeating date you'll see in your lifetime.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, here's a compilation of a dozen random facts about New Hampshire you may or may not already know. Be a showoff. Share them with your friends.

Credit AMC Library and Archives

6.  North Country: Capturing The Mountain Voices of the North Country

For almost two decades two North Country authors have been capturing the stories of some of the most remarkable people in The White Mountains. Now, those stories have been compiled in a new book, Mountain Voices, published by the Appalachian Mountain Club.

7.  North Country: Hassan Picks “North Country Priorities” Team

Saying the North Country communities “possess unique strengths and face unique challenges” Governor-elect Maggie Hassan has appointed a North Country Priorities team.

Credit Todd Bookman / NHPR

8.  Health: Compounding Pharmacists In New Hampshire Brace For Change

“When the physician first mentioned a compound pharmacist, I went, ‘what?’ I was thinking of potions…of brews that people concoct.” It actually is kind of like that at Bedford Pharmacy, where pharmacist Ron Petrin has been compounding prescriptions for 30 years. This is where you come when you need a medicine flavored for a child, or a dosage fine-tuned to your individual needs.

9.  NH News: Reopening 12 Beds At State Hospital Part Of Plan To Improve Mental Health Care

The state Department of Health and Human Services announced plans to temporarily reopen 12 beds at the state’s psychiatric hospital. The state now needs to find more than $2 million to cover the cost.

10.  North Country: DOE To Shaheen: No Problem With Northern Pass Contractor Selection

A U.S. Department of Energy official has told Senator Jeanne Shaheen that the federal agency did nothing wrong in approving several contractors to work on the Northern Pass project, dismissing allegations to the contrary from the Conservation Law Foundation.