Top Stories: Pistorius Case Takes Bizarre Turn; Huge Midwest Storm

Feb 21, 2013

Good morning, here is our early story:

Pistorius Case Dealt 'Serious Blows;' Detective Faces Own Shooting Charges.

And here are more early headlines:

'Worst Winter Storm In 2 Years' Plowing Into Midwest. (CBS)

Body Found In Wreckage Of Kansas City Eatery Destroyed By Explosion. (NBC)

Huge Blast Shakes Downtown Syrian Capital. (Los Angeles Times)

France Denies Reports That French Hostage Family Freed In Cameroon. (Reuters)

Report: Mexican Authorities Commit Human Rights Violations In Drug War. (Human Rights Watch)

Three Young Sisters Raped, Murdered In India, Assailants Sought. (AP)

Woman's Body Discovered In Los Angeles Hotel's Water Tank. (CNN)

Doctors List Dozens Of Unnecessary Tests Patients Don't Need That Could Hurt. (Reuters)

Mars Curiosity Rover Takes First Sample From Planet's Surface. (Wall Street Journal)

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