Top Stories: President Obama Wins Re-Election

Nov 7, 2012

Good morning, here are our top stories:

For Obama, Vindication, Not A Mandate.

World Reacts To Obama's Reelection.

Republicans Keep The House; Democrats To Retain Senate.

And here are other morning headlines:

Powerful Winter Storm Aims For Region Affected By Superstorm Sandy. (National Weather Service)

Syrian Rebels Try To Bomb Assad's Palace But Miss Their Target. (Reuters)

E-U Warns Europe Will See Deep Recession In 2013, Growing Unemployment. (Wall Street Journal)

Suzuki Motors Will Leave The U.S. Car Market, Will Still Offer Motorcycles. (Bloomberg)

Pro Hockey Owners And Players Will Continue Secret Contract Bargaining Talks Today In Secret Location. (CBC)

Gunman In Fresno, Calif. Processing Plant Kills Two, Wounds Two Before Killing Himself. (AP)

Two Whales Found Dead On New Zealand Beach Are Rare Species, Almost Unseen By Humans. (Los Angeles Times)

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