Top Stories: Raspberry Pi, Seven Takeaways On Raising Wages For Home Health Care Workers

Feb 27, 2012

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on and the StateImpact - NH website. For the second concurrent week,  Word of Mouth's segment on the tiny, bare-bones computer, Raspberry Pi, remains at the top of the list of most-read stories on

1) Word of Mouth: Is Raspberry Pi a Low-cost Computer Breakthrough? One man is rethinking form and function with a tiny, inexpensive, bare-bones computer called the Raspberry Pi …which he hopes will bring the power of programming to even the poorest corners of the globe.

2) StateImpact: Seven Takeaways From The Carsey Institute's Report On Raising Wages For Home Care Workers  President Obama is pushing the Labor Department to rewrite federal regulations so home care workers could be guaranteed both benefits.

3) Inside NHPR: ClassicalNH Launched! New Hampshire Public Radio has teamed up with Highland Community Broadcasting to make classical music more readily available to the Granite State and beyond.

4) Word of Mouth: Margin Call Capitalizes on Financial Crisis  This year’s list of Oscar nominees for best film is heavy on nostalgia The Artist, Hugo, Midnight in Paris. We go to the movies to escape talk of politics, foreclosures and the economy, after all. One exception is Margin Call, a smart, tightly-wound thriller nominated for best original screenplay.

5) North Country: Can a $700,000 Bet Bring A New Industry To The North Country? It’s been a little more than four years since the Groveton paper mill closed. But in a calculated gamble that will cost about $700,000 some people have refused to give up on it.

6) Health: A Federal vs State Health Insurance Exchange - Does It Matter? As part of the  Affordable Care Act, every state must have a health insurance exchange in place by January 2014. An exchange is a clearinghouse of sorts where people and small business can go to buy insurance and also find out which tax rebates they may use to help them buy coverage.

7) The Exchange: Making Sense of Mental Health Care The Exchange evaluates mental health care in New Hampshire. 

8) NH News: Alternative Sentencing Program Faces Verdict The Alternative Sentencing Program, sometimes referred to as 'drug court', serves as a rehabilitation opportunity for criminals with substance abuse issues and mental health disorders.

9) North Country: Fatal Snow Machine Crash In North Country A snow-machine crash has claimed the life of a 36-year-old Sunapee man in Stewartstown.

10) The Exchange: Author Colin Woodard and his new book "American Nations" (Rebroadcast) Author Colin Woodard suggests America's political divisions aren't between red states and blue states, right and left, Republicans and Democrats but between 11 distinct North American cultural regions.