Top Stories: Romney On Health Care, Wikileaks Releases Documents On Syria

Jul 5, 2012

Good morning - here are some of the stories we're tracking today.

Romney Says Mandate's A Tax, But Also Sides With Justices Who Said It's Not.

Wikileaks Says It's Releasing Millions Of Secret Files On Syria From Foreign Entities. (Wikileaks Twitter)

Iraq Claims Al-Qaida Militants Crossing Into Syria To Fight. (AP)

Palestinian Authority May Exhume Yasser Arafat's Body To Investigate Poisoning Suspicions. (Al-Jazeera)

Report Faults Japanese Government, Utility, For Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. (NHK)

NATO Trucks Cross Into Afghanistan After Pakistan Reopens Roads. (CNN)

During Heat Wave, Hundreds Of Thousands Still Lack Power Six Days After Storm Hit Mid-Atlantic. (MSNBC)

European Central Bank Cuts Rates To Record Low, Hoping To Assist Struggling Banks. (Bloomberg)

3 Children Die When Yacht Capsizes In Long Island Sound. (WNBC)

Mermaids Aren't Real, According To The Federal Government. (NOAA)

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