Top Stories: Romney Sweeps 5 Primaries; More Secret Service Misconduct?

Apr 25, 2012

Good morning - here are some of the headlines we're following today:

Romney: A 'New Campaign' Begins.

Report: Secret Service Agents Say Similar Misconduct Was Tolerated.

Video: Obama Slow Jammin' The News With Jimmy Fallon.

Controversial Arizona (Immigration) Law Reaches Supreme Court.

Government Says Transgender People Protected Under Federal Job Discrimination Laws. (AP)

Rupert Murdoch Testifies On Media Empire, Ties To British Elite. (Washington Post)

U.S. Beef Sales Curbed In South Korea After 'Mad Cow Disease' Case. (CNN)

African Union: Sudan Must Stop Bombing South Sudan, Both Countries Should Withdraw Forces. (AP)

Ex-Aide Testifies He Helped Cover Up Edwards Affair. (CNN)

Boy On Heart Transplant List Found After Being Kidnapped From Hospital. (ABC)

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