Top Stories: Romney Taps Ryan As Running Mate; Some Of The Runners-Up

Aug 11, 2012

Here's a quick roundup of the main story and some of the other short-listed potential Republican running mates:

Romney Picks Wisconsin's Ryan To Be His Running Mate On GOP Ticket.

Report: Ohio Senator Rob Portman Learned Of Ryan Pick From Romney. (ABC)

Poll Suggests Some GOP Voters Preferred Fla. Senator Marco Rubio As VP Choice. (The Hill)

Former Minn Gov. Tim Pawlenty 'Not Disappointed' That He's Not VP Pick. (NBC)

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Could Give The GOP Convention Keynote Address. (NJ Star-Ledger)

La. Gov. Bobby Jindal Apparently Has The Job He Wants. (

And one more from the man who Apparently Has The Job He Wants:

Obama Hosts Ramadan Celebration Dinner At White House. (VOA)

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