Top Stories: Tropical Storm Isaac; Romney's GOP Convention Delegates

Aug 28, 2012

Good morning, we're following these stories today:

Isaac, On The Verge Of Hurricane Strength, Forecast For Landfall Tonight.

Romney's Forces Are In Control For Now, But Maybe Not Forever.

And here are more early stories:

Powerful Typhoon Strikes South Korea - Another Typhoon Coming This Week. (VOA)

New Massacre Of Syrian Civilians Reported Outside Damascus; Hundreds Of People Dead, Including Children. (CNN)

Israeli Court Decides Israeli Military Not At Fault For American Protester's Death. (BBC)

12 Mexican Police Arrested In Shooting Attack On U.S. Embassy Vehicle. (Washington Post)

Report: Former Penn. Senator Arlen Specter Hospitalized And Very Ill. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Catholic Archbishop-Elect Of San Francisco Arrested For DUI, Apologizes. (Oakland Tribune)

2nd Person Who Visited Yosemite National Park Dies Of Hantavirus. (Los Angeles Times)

Ohio Man Under House Arrest After Bringing Gun, Knives To Batman Movie. (Lorain Morning Journal)

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