Trump Fans Flames of Union Leader Spat, Takes Aim at John Sununu

Jan 11, 2016

Trump speaks with the media after signing up for the N.H.
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Donald Trump used a campaign stop in Windham to continue his spat with the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper Monday. A Trump also went after former Governor John Sununu. 

Donald Trump has never been shy about taking pokes at New Hampshire's Republican elite. And within two minutes of taking the stage, Trump was deriding the N.H. Union Leader and its publisher Joe McQuaid.

"Its really a dishonest paper, though. It's terrible."

Trump has been at odds with the paper since it endorsed NJ Governor Chris Christie, and ran several anti-Trump editorials and columns. Former Governor Sununu wrote one of those last week. Trump was quick to remind the crowd that Sununu had resigned under duress as George HW Bush's White House Chief of Staff.

"He was fired like a dog. He was fired viciously and is such a dumb guy that he doesn't even know he was fired."

The Trump campaign, meanwhile, was stressing Trump's fresh backing by well-known GOP businessman Sam Tamposi Jr., Arthur Sullivan and Ben Gamache.