Understanding Autism

Apr 16, 2013

The numbers have been growing dramatically to the point where today one in eighty-eight children is identified with an autism spectrum disorder. Now new research suggests that some of these kids may outgrow this diagnosis. We’ll look at that and at the impact of autism, how it’s treated, and what the future may hold.


  • Inge-Marie Eigsti  – Associate Professor of clinical psychology at the University of Connecticut. She worked on the study showing that some children may outgrow autism.
  • Michelle Abbot  – mother of two girls with autism and autism center coordinator for Gateways Community Services in Nashua
  • Rae Sonnenmaier – Clinical Associate Professor in UNH’s department of communication sciences and the Institute on Disability

We'll also hear from

  • Amy Frechette -  a young woman with Aspergers who works as a self-advocate at UNH’s Institute on Disability.

For more information on Autism.  Visit the NH Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders "Virtual Resource Center"