UNH Lab Hopes 3D Printer Forges New Businesses

Oct 23, 2013

Students studying at UNH’s Paul School of Business will soon be printing 3D models of their product ideas.

In a world where a product moves rapidly from avant-garde to obsolete, Venky Venkatachalam says, new innovations are brought to market at a breakneck pace.

Venkatachalam is Associate Dean UNH’s new Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.  Though modest in price, he says the new printer will have a big impact: 

Students can learn how to quickly take an object in the real world, create a computer generated model, then they manipulate that model on the computer, and then create a newer version of the 3D object on the 3D printer.  Then they go do market research, use that research to fine tune the product design.

Then, they bring that product to market before anyone else can beat ‘em to it.   Vankatachalam hopes the Innovation Lab will lead MBA students to create new businesses in the state.  He says this $3,000 new printer will help make that a reality.