Unpacking a New Legal Fight Over Music Files

Nov 30, 2011

At the dawn of the MP3 era, music-lovers digitized their CD collections, racking up thousands of hours of songs on their home computers, while clearing out their shelves. The thrill was soon followed by the realization that most of us owned far more music than we had time to listen to. Fast forward to today, when a website called Redigi offers an opportunity to re-sell your old music, an idea that has prompted the record industry to threaten legal proceedings against the site.     

We wanted to get a closer read of the case at a time when sites like Craiglist and FreeStuff allow people to sell or recycle  their old and unused stuff.  Luckily for us, University of New Hampshire School of Law has a new Center for Intellectual Property, and Professor Ashlyn Lembree came in to explain the “For Sale Doctrine, ” which is at the heart of the case that the RIAA could make against Redigi.