Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership

Nov 19, 2011

The Upper Valley Business & Education Partnership makes connections between schools and their wider communities. Tyler Mansfield and Jim Madden met through the Partnership’s “Everybody Wins!” reading mentoring program.

JIM: I’ve always loved to read so it was really just sort of a natural fit to share my love of reading with the students. I guess we both discovered we kind of liked mysteries.

TYLER: But also I like reading fantasy books like "The Lightening Thief" and even a history book like the Greeks and Egypt that’s a lot of fun so I have a pretty big range.

JIM: When we were done reading for the day we were usually “ What’s going to happen next?” and when I came back the next week were “OK they were doing this last time so let’s get going and see what happens this week. “ I think usually you read first for a while.

TYLER: Yes I read the beginning of the chapter and we always talked out loud because we both wanted to hear the story. It’s so hard trying to wait that entire week and it just builds up the cliff hanger.

JIM: The kids were really excited about us showing up. A lot of times the kids would be standing at the stairs staring at the front door of the school waiting for us to come in.

TYLER: We would always wait and say "Is that his car? Is that his car? Maybe that is. I know that’s his car!"

JIM: It was just so nice to have a person just so excited to see you.

TYLER: I had a great time with it and I really thought it was a good idea because I met my friend here and he really helped show me that a person can get through dyslexia and now I’m reading a lot better.