Virtual Baby Heads off Birth Complications (and Does So Without Dancing)

Dec 13, 2011

The hospital delivery room is not a fun place for surprises - the more parents and medical staff know going in, the better the outcome usually is. The Predibirth system helps keep surprises to a minimum by MRI-scanning Junior in the womb* and running virtual simulations of labor - if it sees a potentially serious problem, like baby's head being bigger than expected, doctors can consider planning a c-section in advance. Not to say that c-sections are small surgery, but if you're going to have to have one, better to know about it before you're already part of the way through labor, right?

Best of all: the virtual baby in the Predibirth is nothing like that Dancing Baby that was all over the internet in the 90's. And thank goodness for that.


*this is an ultrasound, of course, not an MRI. But you get the idea here.