Warm Winter 'Devastating' For Some North Country Businesses

Feb 22, 2016

Snowmobile enthusiasts - and the businesses that depend on them - fondly remember winters past, when there was plenty of snow.
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

The warm winter is having a terrible impact on businesses tied to snowmobiles and logging, says Wayne Frizzell the president of the North Country Chamber of Commerce and a Colebrook native.

“It’s been pretty devastating for our businesses," he said. “It’s affected Colebrook immensely. There has been little or no snow machining here.”

He says there’s been some riding around Pittsburg.

“But it has not been a stellar year by any means for anybody up here.”

Indeed he says he can't remember a winter like this.

Frizzell predicts the businesses will survive, but people are already looking forward to the summer and hoping for a particularly good season.