"This is what democracy looks like!"

Mar 19, 2012

Among this year’s signs of spring – the return of Occupy protesters.  Of course, the movement didn’t actually go away over the winter so much as mutate. Occupy the Courts, Occupy our Homes, and Occupy the Primaries are all examples of how Occupy protests continue to exist outside the conventions of previous movements. It’s long been pointed out that it’s de-centralized structure and distrust of politics has prevented occupiers from directly endorsing candidates in 2012 – and yet, there are some House and Senate contenders who are inextricably tied to the nationwide protests of last fall. 

Josh Harkinson is a staff writer for Mother Jones. He profiled a list of 2012 hopefuls who will appear on the ballot as Democrats – but may be the closest thing we’ll see to Occupy politicians.

Watch Hakeem Jeffries' speech at Zuccotti park:

Alan Grayson going toe-to-toe with P.J. O'Rourke on Real Time with Bill Maher