What Do To With A Self Once You Get One

Originally published on August 1, 2012 12:17 pm

"I don't read self-help books. On any given day my self seems to need so much help that 200 pages of cheerful advice and end-of-chapter exercises miss the core of my dilemma. The real question keeping me up at night is this: What the hell is a self anyway? How did I get one and why is it so damn desperate for help?"

So the folks over at NPR books were kind enough to let me review of one of my favorites; Lost In the Cosmos by Walker Percy. Its a remarkable book that was given to me by Scott Derrickson when we first met and started talking about science and religion. (He is. I am not. We still agree about a lot of things.)

The intro paragraph above is how piece starts. I will let you jump over to it if you are interested in reading more.

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