Where Did Trump and Sanders Sweep Their Largest N.H. Victories?

Feb 11, 2016

 We know Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders swept the New Hampshire primary — but where, exactly, did the two candidates see their biggest victories?

Using results compiled by the Associated Press, NHPR put together a town-by-town map of Tuesday’s primary results.

On the Republican side, Trump captured his largest share of the vote in Ellsworth (72 percent), Seabrook (54 percent) and Pelham (52 percent). It’s worth keeping in mind that Ellsworth is pretty small, population-wise, so Trump’s victory there was thanks to only 13 votes. In Pelham and Seabrook, which are larger, he grabbed 1,647 and 916 votes, respectively.

On the Democratic side, Sanders captured a whopping 100 percent of the vote in Dixville Notch and Wentworth’s Location — which sounds remarkable, until you notice that his vote totals were four and five, respectively, in each town.

The Vermont senator also saw large margins in Windsor (85 percent); Croydon , Lisbon and Monroe (80 percent, each); and Bath and Plymouth (79 percent, each).

In the few New Hampshire towns Hillary Clinton did win, the race was much closer. She took 67 percent of the vote in Millsfield (beating Sanders two votes to one). In New Castle, she won 57 to 43 percent (157 to 118 votes). In Bedford, she won 50 to 49 percent (1,705 to 1,657), and in Windham, she won 50 to 48 percent (1,049 to 990). In Waterville, Clinton won by a single vote: 55 to 54.

You can dig into the results for these towns, or check out how the candidates fared in your community, right here.