Without Contract, Seabrook Nuclear Plant Will Lockout Union Workers

Nov 27, 2013

The company that runs the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, NextEra, could lockout 226 union workers, if they don’t come to a contract agreement by midnight Monday.  

NextEra and the Utility Workers Union are at an impasse over three items in their contract.  How much of a raise workers will receive each year; whether to eliminate 5 or 6 Fire Brigade positions, and whether to move all workers to a rotational work schedule, with overnight shifts. 

NextEra spokesman Alan Griffith says many of these concessions have already been made at other nuclear plants across the country.

The fact of the matter is we’re an outlier in this regard. This nuclear power plant operates 24/7 it doesn’t know holidays it doesn’t know weekends. 

Griffith says competition from natural gas and other factors have put economic pressures on nuclear power plants across the country. This year, four such plants shut down, including Vermont Yankee.

Workers say top NextEra executives have received large compensation packages.

A mediator is on site at the Seabrook plant today, to help NextEra and the Utility Workers come to an agreement.