WOM Covered 5 Of The 10 Biggest Breakthroughs In MIT Tech Review

May 13, 2014

Credit Chris Isherwood via flickr Creative Commons

Each spring, MIT Technology Review puts out its list of the 10 biggest breakthrough technologies – and every year we check that list to see how many of them have been covered on Word of Mouth. We’re happy to report another strong affinity. Here to recap twelve months’ worth of amazing – and useful -- scientific advances is Brian Bergstein - deputy editor of MIT Technology Review.

Listen to Virginia's conversation with Brian below:

We covered five of the ten technological advances on the MIT Technology Review list. Not bad, eh?

  1. Agile Robots: We love robots. Robot surgeons. Robots in love. Robot psychology. Winemaking robots. One robot. Two robots. Red robots. Blue ro - whoa. Sorry. Got carried away with the robots.
  2. Ultraprivate Smartphones: In October, 2012, we covered Silent Circle, an app that gives regular peeps NSA level security.
  3. Oculus Rift: In March we spoke to Jamin Warren, founder of Killscreen, about Facebook and virtual reality.
  4. Agricultural Drones: We also love drones and even dedicated an entire show to them.
  5. Brain Mapping: Neuroscience is to Word of Mouth as Mac is to Cheese. In January we explored the brain science of why we love sad music. In December, 2013 we were all about lucid dreams. We even spoke with the creators of neuroscience inspired graphic novel called Neurocomic.