Word of Mouth 05.18.2013

May 18, 2013

Credit Leo Reynolds via Flickr Creative Commons

Our freshest and tastiest content, wrapped up in one zesty hour of radio. This week, "A New View."

A political scientist believes that Jane Austen may have been a master of Game Theory. And the surprising, twisted artistry and uses of Victorian-era walking canes.


A reporter's new reality show explores the hidden recreational gems of "The Edge of America." Hollywood has its own Nate Silver...we'll hear about the big data behind blockbuster scripts. And producer Sean Hurley tells the story of one New Hampshire town's treatment of "carnies." They're not seen as unwelcome invaders, but embraced as competitors in that town's own World Cup soccer game.


Lady Lamb the Beekeeper performs live in Studio D. Click here for video of her performance!