Word Of Mouth 09.21.13

Sep 23, 2013

Credit Leo Reynolds via flickr Creative Commons

Word of Mouth's Saturday show is everything you've come to expect from the public radio masterminds at WOM Inc.: you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be compelled to listen twice. This week's show features our own Taylor Quimby working the controls, giving the lovely Virginia Prescott a well deserved vacation from our little radio factory:

  • 24/7 access to your kids grades might not be a good thing. Jessica Lahey a New Hampshire parent and educator decided not to monitor her son and tells us why.
  • The Sunshine Act. A lesser known provision of the Affordable Care Act makes the pharmaceutical company's practice of giving gifts to doctors more transparent. Health care reporter Peter Loftus, as well as physician and author Danielle Ofri outline the details.
  • Sam Amidonthe Vermont born musician, re-imagines the music of others, and tells producer Zach Nugent where the inspiration comes from.
  • Space Farming.  Naturally, NASA makes sure astronauts living on the International Space Station don’t go hungry, but since it costs about $10,000 to send a single pound of food to the I.S.S., you can bet they don’t see a lot of leafy greens. Jesse Hirsch is a staff writer for Modern Farmer, and tells us more.
  • "I am Zucchini." In what has easily become one of our favorite segments, Sean Hurley vocalizes the hauntingly beautiful poetry "Letters to Earth" written by Astronaut Don Pettit. Hearing the voice of a struggling space grown zucchini really choked us up, and for once we're not being sarcastic.