Word of Mouth 12.08.2012

Dec 7, 2012

Credit Leo Reynolds via Flickr Creative Commons

Word of Mouth's weekly program. This week's show features an art blog that uses Google Earth images to show the battlefields of drones, a radio show produced in an an insane asylum, Ty Burr's "Gods Like Us," and history's badass-iest nuns. Plus, webcast funerals!

Part 1:

We look into a Tumblr  account that lends perspective to the drone war by using Google Earth. Joining us is blogger and artist James Bridle, creator of Dronestragram.


The funeral industry is embracing the digital age. Funeral homes are beefing up their websites and social media to include tributes and photographs of the departed.

Many families living in far flung places for work and school are attending the funerals online. One New Hampshire mortuary is picking up on this national trend, providing live webcasting of memorial services for the first time in the state.

Part 2:

We talk with psychologist  Amelia Rachel Hokule’a Borofsky about Radio La Colifata, the world’s first and largest radio station broadcast from a psychiatric facility. She made several visits to El Borda National Psychiatric Hospital in Buenos Aires to see, and hear Radio La Colifata for herself. And checkout our list of some other unusual places making radio these days...


Pop culture has a pretty good store of gleeful nuns along with plenty of repressed, vindictive sisters and mothers superior.  The stereotypical nun is neither action hero, rockstar or Klan fighter. That’s why we found a recent list of gutsy nuns in Mental Floss so intriguing.

Clay Wirestone is a freelance writer who compiled a list of some of history’s bravest and boldest nuns for the December issue.

Part 3:

Ty Burr, film critic and author of the new book Gods Like Us, traces our ever-shifting fascination and disgust toward the on-screen and private lives of celebrities.


Do recent movie reviews include as much critical analysis into facial hair as they do to cinematography, sound design and acting? We're starting to think so...