Word Of Mouth 12.7.2013

Dec 6, 2013

Credit Logan Shannon / NHPR

The Word of Mouth Saturday show is like a big bowl of hearty soup on a blustery day. It warms you up, has all the ingredients you love, and is the right combination of healthy and indulgent. We pack our Saturday show with the good stuff, interesting and fulfilling stories, you can always feel free to have an extra helping. On this weeks show:

  • Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie? Producer Bill Barry looks into the debate and shares the five criteria of what makes a Christmas movie.
  • Lucid Dream Research Goes Mainstream: Dorian Rolston is a freelance writer covering cognitive science, mental health, and the mind. His article on the work of Stephen LaBerge, and new efforts to understand lucid dreaming appeared in the online publication, Matter.
  • The Language Of Dementia Turned Into Poetry: The London-based writer Susanna Howard is attempting to give people with dementia a voice by visiting with them and recording their words as poetry.