Word of Mouth
3:53 pm
Fri February 14, 2014

Word Of Mouth: 2.15.14

Credit Taylor Quimby (flowers by Sara Plourde)

Valentine's Day may be over, but Word of Mouth is still in the mood. We poured all the love we have to offer into our Saturday show. Listen to the full show and read more about each segment below.

Word of Mouth 2.15.2014

Love Illuminated

The Tale of Two Castles

  • Sean Hurley spoke with Lance Keene, the man who is building a castle modeled after Searles Castle on the side of a cliff in Thornton.
    Sean Hurley's Tale of Two Castles

Joe Levy

  • What makes for a chart-topping hit? Love or heartbreak? Joining us is a man with some stats, Joe Levy, editorial director of Billboard. We'll also reveal the winner of our highly contentious 'Love is a Battlefield' bracket.

    Love songs versus heartbreak songs: who will win?

Word of Mouth's Love Song Attempt

  • Word of mouth thought it would be fun to compose a love song composed only of chart-topping lyrical clichés – but it didn't turn out quite how we hoped...
    The story of how our failed love song was created in full detail

Sylvester Graham

Taylor Quimby's At-home Date Night

  • Why not have a date night from the comfort of home?  Producer Taylor Quimby and his wife discovered a way to enjoy the both of best worlds… maybe.
    Taylor and Tiffany's date-night with "Plated"

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