World Affairs Council of New Hampshire

Nov 12, 2011

The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire hosts international visitors, and provides public lectures and programs on foreign affairs to promote understanding and citizen involvement. Kim Tyndall is a longtime member of the Council.

KIM: Each of the states has their own world affairs council. It started in the 1950's. Their speakers are excellent. We had the council general from Canada. The foreign policy discussions with the candidate for the 2008 election were excellent. Joe Biden, Governor Richardson, Chris Dodd and Madeleine Albright came representing Hillary Clinton. One of the programs is a series on the Middle East and the significance of history and current affairs. There are a lot of perspectives that are discussed when we do get together and talk with these specialists, so the perspectives and the data and the facts tend to have you draw different conclusions than you did from the nightly news.

It’s very important for us to be aware that there are so many things in our daily lives that actually affect other people out in the world. The world affairs council works with the state department and receives visitors into the state for many different reasons. One of the programs that I participated in involved three gentleman from Uruguay who were animators, but it was a wonderful opportunity to sit over dinner, exchange bottles of wine, as a matter of fact, Uruguayan wine was very good too, and we talked as friends would talk about how we view one another’s cultures. When you know people you are less inclined to accept the stereotype of their culture.