4:28 pm
Fri February 3, 2012

Yes, I'm Alive!

By Danielle Lima

So, things are still going great. It’s great to finally be a part of something relevant to my interest in “the real world.” Aside from the fact that I’ve scored an amazing opportunity to work with NHPR, just the thought of contributing to something that will become a part of many lives within thought and conversation is that amazing feeling of accomplishment, success, and of course, who doesn’t like to feel a little “important?”

Still hanging onto my first and only job in retail, until now I have had no previous experience in media. I’ve searched - but to no avail. And while I have no problem following up or being a “polite pest” / aggressive in showing my interest in a job opportunity, 99% of the listings I found required a bachelor’s degree and experience – two checkmarks I am finally very close to making on my list of life accomplishments.

It’s exciting and nerve racking. While I’ve adapted to my school and retail environments, it’s now time for me to become more malleable in the realm of entering new surroundings. I certainly know anxiety is not unique to starting a new job. I just feel I’m one of those people that are confident in what they’re capable of, but less confident in just being… confident. Does that make sense?

And don’t get me wrong, I do not take a moment of this for granted. I look at so many others struggling to find jobs in their field of study, or at the least, a job of their interest. But I’m only an intern, I can’t say I’ve beat the odds yet. What you're reading is a young, unseasoned, and somewhat sheltered New Hampshirite’s slowly blossoming, unsolidified opinion. This, however, is the point in my life where I gain perspective of how the world of the workforce operates.

Okay, let me move on to what I’m supposed to be talking about. My experience here.

This past week has been great, as expected. Every morning upon my arrival, I get to post each Word of Mouth segment to the website. This involves re-formatting the and editing the script, linking key words to the corresponding webpages, adding tags, checking off the appropriate segment names, and of course, my three favorite parts: thinking of a creative headline, writing a quick 1 or two sentence summary, and finding a picture. These three little creative elements catch people’s attention and get them to click. I feel I have a natural talent for that aspect, so it’s definitely a great project for me.

While almost every day consists of reading articles and practicing writing scripts, Wednesday I got to practice making a billboard for an upcoming show using the audio editing software. Though I am naturally computer literate, I must admit… it’s a little weird using a PC again. I used to whiz through the C drive with my eyes closed on my family’s old computer with XP – troubleshooting viruses, re-formatting the hard drive because there was too much junk… and after being in a 4 year relationship with my Macbook, now I’m like, wait, Windows 7? What?

Anyway, as I said in my last post, I am familiar with the basis of editing software, so I’m sure I’ll pick up on the program we use here (and the many keyboard shortcuts others are lightning fast with. In fact, if it were Pokémon doing the editing, everyone would be a Jolteon and I, a Slowpoke.)

In my editing ventures, I got to practice editing out speech flubs, adding music - having it fade in and under… then up and out at the end, and dealing with the volume levels. I was also taught of how to change the files to the correct settings, and all the other little details that make a big difference in the end.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned here at NHPR it’s the importance of saving files under the correct name. There is a formula for everything – and a folder it belongs in. I love that I’m getting to learn every aspect to the production of the Word of Mouth program. This of course is great practice for me as I hope I can quickly get into the full swing of contributing. I graduate in May, so I’ll be here until shortly before then.

And as a closer, I just wanted to say note my love for tuna sandwiches. It certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed here, as every day I decide on a substantial lunch. My favorite tuna comes from my high school cafeteria (super cold, heavy mayonnaise) Shaws (same awesomeness as my high school, but a little less “scoopy” – more meaty.

And the tuna from the café downstairs here at NHPR? Immaculate. I would describe it as tuna in the form of soft-serve ice cream – light and fluffy. Very fresh. Very yum.

A quick note about the lunch lady at my high school: she deserves a medal of greatness. I didn’t even need to say anything, I would walk up the counter, and she’d barely look at me (She didn’t have to! She was that good! Either that or she could sense my fish-craving aura.) …and she would quietly exclaim “tuna!” and start making my sandwich. It reminds me of my friends who go to Starbucks and find their names written on the cup.

Talk to you next week!