Yet Another Storm - Reactions from Plymouth

Mar 13, 2014

With yet another storm bringing rain and snow and ice to New Hampshire, NHPR's Sean Hurley went into downtown Plymouth to see how folks there were holding up.

Standing out on Main Street in Plymouth, I heard variations on the theme of "Please oh please, will someone stop the snow from snowing."  Except from the unusual Kayla Grimes clearing the sidewalk with her trusty shovel in front of Plymouth Ski and Sport where she works.

I love shoveling. 
Do you?
Yeah! I don't ski or snowboard. 
You shovel. 
I shovel.

Just up from Kayla Grimes well shoveled stretch of sidewalk, pizza deliverer Dave Munn explains why he's working on the snow in front of Manny's Pizza, instead of out delivering.

It was down Merrill Street and that's a steep slope pumping the brakes the whole time and I slid right into Main Street.

PSU Senior Ethan Batten says this storm just confirms his post-graduate plans.

I mean I'm graduating so I'm planning on moving down south to get away from this kind of weather. 

Sounds pretty good right about now.