Your Comments: On Health Care, Bridges And Sunflowers

Sep 23, 2013

Time again for some of your comments on some recent news stories:

The conversation continues on health insurance, in particular the “narrow network” plan Harvard Pilgrim is launching with partners Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Elliot Health Systems. The companies say it will be 10% cheaper than other group offerings.

Marie Davis said that while that may not sound like much, she says companies should keep an eye on new health care ideas because such savings would add up. She writes: “As a former Benefits Manager, if I brought those numbers to my CFO, and said we can still offer a high quality plan, albeit with restricted access (to some of the better health care facilities in the state), it would definitely be an option on the table for employees. And depending on enrollment, might eliminate more expensive options in future years.”

On the other hand, a user by the name of Nelle reached a different conclusion about the “narrow network” Anthem Blue Cross will offer in the new health marketplace, writing: “We should have had a government insurer option in Obamacare… The private sector is proving it can't do this well, it only goes after a class deemed profitable. Everyone else... too bad.”

Reporter Michael Brindley covered an effort to find funding to replace a nearly century old bridge in Concord. On our Facebook page, Dorothy A. Giddens sent us this comment: “Maybe they could save this bridge for walking and build a new bridge nearby for vehicles. This will save the cost of tearing it down and preserve it for the future. It won't add much more to the cost of the new bridge, just changing the road a bit to lead to the new bridge.”

Finally, Emily Corwin reported on several New Hampshire roads where the state accidentally planted sunflowers. That raised safety concerns for transportation officials, because of drivers who were stopping to take photos. The state is considering planting sunflowers on purpose next year, but Christopher Blackington said on our Facebook page that might not be a good idea: He says: “As pretty as they are, and as much as I do love them… it's probably not such a great idea. Once the seed heads ripen they're going to attract a lot of wildlife on to the road. Tires + animals is not good for the animals or the drivers.”

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BC: Sarah Ashworth, thanks as always.

SA: You’re welcome, Brady.