Writers on a New England Stage

A co-production of New Hampshire Public Radio and The Music Hall in Portsmouth. To view the schedule and purchase tickets, click here or call the box office at (603) 436-2400

Note: Some events require the purchase of a book voucher and are not available online; call or visit the Music Hall box office to purchase tickets to these shows.

Half lecture, half intimate conversation, Writers on a New England Stage brings world-class authors to New Hampshire to read from their latest works and talk to us about themselves, their process, and their stories. The series is hosted by Word of Mouth's Virginia Prescott.

Broadcast of our Tom Brokaw event is sponsored by Harvest Capital. The event will be held Wednesday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m. at The Music Hall in Portsmouth. For more information, visit The Music Hall's website.

Dan Brown, author of one of the most popular and controversial books of the last century, The Da Vinci Code, spoke on Sunday, April 23rd in Portsmouth as part of our Writers on a New England Stage series. Brown talked about his famous book, its adaptation to a new film and the controversy surrounding both. In the second part of the show, host Laura Knoy joined him onstage for a few questions of her own. Today we broadcast some of that performance. (Note: This show is an edited version of the performance.)