Sky Guys: Winter Solstice Edition

Dec 19, 2016

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice on Dec. 21 marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. The Sky Guys help us identify what we're seeing in the night sky this month. We remember astronaut and American legend, John Glenn, who died this month at age 95.  He became the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962. And we discuss the top space news stories of 2016.


  • Mal Cameron - former astronomy and space educator at the McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center and coordinator of its NASA Educator Resource Center.
  • John Gianforte – co-founder of the "Astronomical Society" of northern New England and astronomy instructor for Granite State College and UNH.


Sky Guys: A Fall Astronomical Update

Sep 28, 2016

Our Sky Guys are back to help digest the events of a wild few weeks in space science, including NASA's announcement of explosive plumes of icy water on Jupiter's moon Europa.  The explosion of a SpaceX rocket snarls outer-orbit transportation schedules and yet, SpaceX  founder Elon Musk unveils a plan to get humans to Mars within a decade.   And a Kickstarter campaign aims to re-issue Carl Sagan's 1977  Golden Record in an effort to communicate with life outside our solar system.

The Sky Guys: Juno, Jupiter and the Milky Way

Jun 30, 2016

We're checking in with the Sky Guys this week for the latest news on the Juno mission to Jupiter, why eighty percent of Americans can no longer see the Milky Way, and gravitational ripples confirmed for a second time.   Plus, what to look for in the stars for summer nights ahead.



March 20th marks the Vernal Equinox.  It's one of two points on our calendar when day and night are of equal length. More or less. It may be more of a convenient handle we put on an arbitrary point on our annual revolution around the sun, but it is significant in that it marks the point in the year where we start seeing more daylight than darkness.  So with the days growing longer, this is a great time to talk about photoperiod.

Staff Picks: Firing on All Cylinders, 10.18.15

Oct 16, 2015

"An Actual Duck": I've always found store bought costumes to be a bit lacking in creativity, yes, I am a costume snob. I went to art school, it's a prerequisite. But I think I would applaud loudly if I saw any of these posters in the pop-up Halloween costume shop. If I ever went to those places... - Logan

Ryan Farrar / Flickr/CC

We're checking in with the Sky Guys this week about the latest news about water on Mars, extrasolar planets, and this month's lunar eclipse.

  • John Gianforte – co-founder of the "Astronomical Society" of northern New England and astronomy instructor for Granite State College and UNH.
  • Mal Cameron - former astronomy and space educator at the McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center and coordinator of its NASA Educator Resource Center

Sky Guys: An Astronomical Update

Jun 2, 2015

NASA celebrates twenty-five years of The Hubble Telescope and its groundbreaking glimpses into space and time. The Messenger spacecraft goes out with a bang, crashing –intentionally– into Mercury, after being the only spacecraft to ever orbit the planet. We’ll talk about these extraterrestrial milestones and more.

NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center.

A Dartmouth astrophysicist is part of a team that’s been looking billions of years into the universe’s past – and they’ve found some clues that may explain why galaxies form the way they do.

Ryan Hickox is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy. The findings of his team were published in the journal Nature. Ryan Hickox joined All Things Considered with more on the findings.


Sara Plourde / NHPR

  The Science of Superheroes

The Sky Guys' Top Space Stories Of 2014

Dec 22, 2014
Dan Beaumont Space Museum / Flickr/CC

It was a big year for Mars, with India getting into the game and launching its first spacecraft. Meanwhile, the European Space Agency celebrated the successful landing of its probe on a comet. And the private space travel industry lamented the crash of Virgin Galactic’s test craft.


Faith Meixell / NHPR

In recent years, the Red Planet has been bombarded with space craft, rovers, observers, orbiters and studied intently from here on Earth.  But the idea of human boots on Mars has remained in the realm of science fiction. Now though, serious planning is underway, for missions and even colonies there, and possibly much sooner than you might think. (digital post by Faith Meixell)


Sean Hurley

Godzilla is 17 feet tall and resides in a cave-like trailer in Dorchester, New Hampshire.  He comes out on New Moons when the sky's at its darkest. 

The boy sat in the back seat and the two old people - his parents - sat up front.

Do you remember where we're going?
To see Godzilla!

The boy was going to see Godzilla who lived at the top of a nearly treeless hill at the end of a long dirt road.

It's like we're driving over the moon...

Faith Meixell / NHPR

The latest astronomical news with our Sky Guys: NASA is in troubleshooting mode as the Mars rover Curiosity shows signs of wear after two years of roaming the planet’s rocky terrain, a global scientific body invites the public to vote on names for newfound planets, and astronomers are looking back to Apollo 11's lunar landing 45 years ago.


Sky Guys: An Astronomy Update

Mar 12, 2014
James Pouliot / NHPR

We’ll check in about the latest from the International Space Station, talk about new planet finds by NASA, and look ahead to some highlights coming up to watch out for in the night sky.


Sarah Thomas

The Word of Mouth Saturday broadcast is your shining beacon of awesome at the end of a snowy week. Whether you're wearing headphones under your winter hat or you're listening in a snow-covered car, we have the segments that delight and enlighten. You may even forget we have six more weeks of winter! Listen to the full show, and scroll down for links and more.

Faith Meixell / NHPR

Our sky guys join us with the latest news on space - starting with how the shutdown affected our monitoring programs. We also talk about the Orionid meteor showers, two missions to Mars, and a new iPhone app for checking the location of spy satellites.


We’ll examine some of the latest headlines from Space Science.  There’s a huge amount of excitement about the “Comet of the Century”, coming this fall.  Also, NASA’s Mars rover “Curiosity” turns one year old and mysterious geysers on one of Saturn’s moons leads to speculation about the presence of water far out in Space. 


An Astronomy Update

Apr 8, 2013

Twenty-thirteen has been dubbed the “Year of the Comet”, with three major visitors expected to give us a show.   Also, there's new findings on Mars and on Jupiter’s moon Europa that are leading scientists one step closer to the possibilities of life elsewhere in our solar system.  And a private venture hopes to send a husband and wife team to the Red Planet by twenty-eighteen.  We'll look at the top stories from space.


An Astronomy Update

Dec 10, 2012

The Voyager Two spacecraft that was  launched in the late seventies reaches the very edges of our solar system. Ice has been found on Mercury. A planet has been found orbiting our closest star, and the Gemini meteor shower in mid-December is expected to impress. We’ll look at the most out of this world stories happening in space.


An Astronomic Update!

Aug 6, 2012

This weekend, scientists will be crossing their fingers as they prepared to land NASA’s largest space laboratory, Curiosity, on Mars. We’ll look at that plus other missions to Jupiter and to our asteroid belt… Also, the moon turns blue this month, the Perseid meteor showers look to impress, while increasing activity on the sun could affect us on Earth. We check in with our sky guys on all things astronomical.


An Astronomy Update

Mar 12, 2012

Huge Solar flares and 'coronal mass ejections" have the potential for major disruptions.  New extra-solar planets seem to be found every week. A new rover on Mars called 'Curiosity' seems to be peaking ours, while the New Horizon's spacecraft is heading to Pluto. We'll get the latest news that's going on from the skies with the Exchange's Space Guys.