Audio Postcard

A Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling

May 12, 2006
Cheryl Senter

Over the past year, New Hampshire Public Radio has been taking listeners to a variety of places across the state.

Faceless Librarian

Thousands of people left New Hampshire this month on a train for the North Pole.

Tupelo Music Hall A Forum For Talent

Nov 19, 2005

Shannon Mullen

Every year thousands of tourists come to New Hampshire to see the state's brilliant fall colors.

Skimming: Or What I Did With My Snowmobile This Summer

Sep 19, 2005
Paul Godin

New Hampshire nights are getting a little crisper this time of year. It won't be long before the first frost...and then snow.

'Tis The Season To Pick Your Own

Aug 16, 2005

NHPR's Lisa Peakes offers an audio postcard from Apple Hill Farm in Concord, where people are picking blueberries and the proprietor is making jam - the old-fashioned way.

Sounds from the Pittsfield Hot Air Balloon Festival

Aug 12, 2005

This summer, New Hampshire Public Radio has been sharing some sounds of the summer.

One of the traditional family outings in the state is the 24th Annual Pittsfield Balloon Festival.

NHPR reporter Amy Quinton not only attended the event, but was able to catch a ride aboard the hot air balloon, the Lime Rickey.

She filed this audio postcard from the event.


New Englands Antique Radio Club Meets in Nashua

Jan 24, 2005

Primary Sounds

Jan 27, 2004

If you haven't seen an earnest and energetic campaign worker waving a sign today, you probably haven't left your house.

The Weirs Beach Drive-In Takes You Back

Jun 27, 2002
Fraser Valley Pulse & Metro Vancouver Pulse

More Than a Thousand Flock to Prayer Service

Sep 14, 2001

An overflow crowd turned out in Concord today to honor victims of this weeks terrorist attacks. As part of the Governor's Day of Prayer and Remembrance, more than a thousand people prayed and sang inside, and outside, Saint Paul's Church.

NHPR's Trish Anderton prepared this audio postcard.

The NHSO Conductor Search Continues

Apr 9, 2001