Word of Mouth
1:36 pm
Mon June 2, 2014

Abandoned New Hampshire

Credit Sean Hurley

The forests of New Hampshire provide an excellent hiding place for those things that either wish to remain hidden, or have simply fallen into the past. Old logging towns, abandoned train tracks, and the leftovers of eccentrics funded by economic booms all litter the state and set the background for many a local legend. Here we’ve listed some of the loneliest, and often mysterious, spots in the state. 

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North Country
3:01 pm
Fri March 28, 2014

How An Abandoned Train Ended Up In A N.H. Forest

The abandoned train cars in Bartlett, looking toward North Conway.
Sean Hurley

You've seen abandoned houses.  Windows broken or boarded up.  You've probably seen abandoned cars in the woods.  NHPR's Sean Hurley recently came upon an abandoned train in Bartlett.  To find out more about its history, he spoke with Conway Scenic Railroad Conductor Gordon Lang.

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