Boston Marathon

The Exchange
9:00 am
Tue April 16, 2013

New Hampshire Reacts To Yesterday's Boston Marathon Bombings

Yesterday, celebration turned to fear, concern and anguish for many Granite Staters who were running in the Boston Marathon, watching it, working it or just cheering on loved ones from afar. Several deadly explosions occurred  near the race's finish line creating pandemonium As of now 3 are dead, and about 140 are injured. Many frantically tried to search for loved ones to make sure they were safe.

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NH News
4:00 pm
Sun April 14, 2013

Henri Renaud: The Only Granite Stater To Ever Win The Boston Marathon

Henri Renaud wins the 1909 Boston Marathon

There was hardly a single person who thought that Henri Charles Renaud would win the 13th running of the Boston Marathon in 1909.  He was just 19 years old, a son of French Canadian immigrants who worked in the Nashua mills. And is his great grandson, Brett Misenor says he had only started running seven months earlier.

His father urged him to run only about 2 weeks before the race. Henri had begun running the September before and won the first race he ever ran and he entered the Boston Marathon and ended up out running some of the world’s best Olympic runners.

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