Word of Mouth
1:58 pm
Mon July 14, 2014

Adults Who Wear Kids' Clothing: Saving Money Through Size

Can you correctly guess if this pair of underwear is a Men's Small or a Boys' XL? Taylor is betting you can't.
Credit Taylor Quimby

I’ve got a little confession to make.  For about three years now, I’ve been buying and wearing boys' underwear.  Not toddler-sized briefs with Iron Man or Thomas the Tank Engine plastered on the butt, I’m talking about plainly colored, Boys' XL boxer briefs. The waist is the same as what I used to buy (a Men's Small) and the differences in style are negligible, but the price is another matter. In the case of one brand for example, Fruit of the Loom, a package containing three pairs of men’s small boxer briefs is $12.99.  A boys' XL of the same brand contains four pairs, and is priced at $9.99

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