Caitlin Raymond

Bone marrow settlement
6:02 pm
Thu February 2, 2012

State Wraps Up Bone Marrow Investigation: Slams UMASS Memorial

Taking a cell sample at a bone marrow donor drive.
Flickr Creative Commons

A little over a year ago, a Massachusetts bone marrow registry made headlines for hiring models in blue wigs and black skirts to attract prospective donors.  To make matters worse,  the registry was part of a scheme to charge insurance companies extremely high fees for lab tests.

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NH News
12:09 pm
Thu February 2, 2012

Settlement Reached In Bone Marrow Testing Scandal

The Attorney General Offices of New Hampshire and Massachusetts have settled  with UMASS Memorial  Health care in a scandal tied to bone marrow testing.

UMASS Memorial Health Care owned the testing lab that housed the Caitlin Raymond International Registry.  High testing fees triggered an investigation a bit over a year ago.

Under the settlement, UMASS Memorial agrees to pay a total of about $850,000.  About two thirds of that goes to Massachusetts where most of the bone marrow donors lived.  The hospital will pay New Hampshire about $250,000.

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