Journey Song Shares Gift Of Music With Hospice Patients

Jul 20, 2013
Journey Song

Journey Song , a group of singers based in the New Hampshire Seacoast, brings the solace of music to hospice patients and their families. Ed Brown remembers how the group sang for his wife, Judith Whipple Brown. “When they came in the room, my wife had a great big smile. You could see the glow. They asked if she had a favorite song, and she said it was ‘Amazing Grace.’ They came four times all together, and they always sang that song,” Brown said. “They would also sing her ‘Songs of Angels,’...

Wanna Sing "The Messiah"?

Dec 6, 2006
Ell Brown

Its hard to imagine Christmas without a choir singing Handels Messiah. In recent years a new tradition has developed: the Messiah-sing. It operates like a pick-up basketball game. Anyone who wants to sing the Messiah shows up at a concert hall with music in-hand. Tenors sit with tenors and sopranos with sopranos. And then -- without rehearsal -- the concert begins. New Hampshire Public Radio correspondent Doug MacPherson attended one-such Messiah-sing at the Music Hall in Portsmouth. He filed...