Crank Yankers

Word of Mouth
1:41 pm
Wed September 3, 2014

9.3.14: Prank Advertising, Childhood Amnesia & Simulating Surgery

Credit Lisa Bunchofpants via flickr Creative Commons

With so many screens vying for consumer's attention, marketers are going to great lengths to catch our eye…even if it means scaring us out of our wits. On today’s show, a look into the prankstervising trend, where passers-by become unwitting props in extreme ad campaigns.

Plus, while we may think we remember the first day of kindergarten, current research indicates that accurate childhood memories begin around the age of seven. We’ll talk about the phenomenon of what Freud called childhood amnesia, and what our brains choose to forget.

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Word of Mouth
3:24 pm
Tue April 1, 2014

Jim Florentine: Prank Call King

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Growing up, making a prank call was as easy as picking up the rotary phone. Nowadays, telecommunication developments, like caller ID, have made the crank call nearly obsolete. While it may be more difficult to anonymously prank your principal, the tradition hasn't completely disappeared.

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