5:42 pm
Tue May 27, 2014

Developer Pulls The Plug On Wind Farm Proposed For Newfound Lake Area

Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

Spanish Wind Developer Iberdrola has pulled the plug on Wild Meadows, a controversial wind farm that was proposed for the towns of Alexandria and Danbury, the troubled project submitted an application for construction in December but put it on hold to deal with problems at another wind farm the next town over.

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4:47 pm
Fri May 23, 2014

Fish And Game Seeking Information On "Loon Poachers"

Credit Flkr Creative Commons / KeithCarver

The Fish and Game Department wants the public’s help to find one or more loon poachers.

Two loons were shot this week, in different parts of the state. The first bird was shot in Dover, and was found near the Cocheco river. That loon survived and is expected to be released back into the wild. The second was shot in Gilford, near Varney point, and died.

The attacks were both reported on Tuesday.

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5:30 pm
Thu May 22, 2014

Pease Well Is Shut Down After Unregulated Contaminant Discovered

State officials have shut-down one of three drinking water wells that serve the Pease Tradeport. The well was contaminated with an unregulated chemical found in foams used by firefighters.

Perflourooctane Sulfonic Acid, or PFOS, was found in the well which serves the 250 businesses and 8,300 employees of the Pease Tradeport. It was detected in levels that exceed a “provisional health advisory” level set by the EPA.

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7:15 am
Mon May 19, 2014

E.P.A, Antioch Partner For Climate Change Conference

Credit Cedric via Flickr CC

New Hampshire is hosting a conference on climate change preparedness in the Northeast.

The conference is being held Monday through Wednesday in Manchester. Antioch University New England is hosting it along with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The conference is bringing together planners and decision-makers from the northern Chesapeake Bay to Maine to learn how to build healthy and resilient community plans, and how to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

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5:46 am
Sat May 17, 2014

$2 Increase To Boat Registration Would Go To Clean Up N.H. Lakes

Credit Western CT State University / Flickr CC

A $2 dollar increase in the boat registration fee – which would bring the total to $9.50 – is headed to the governor for her signature. The extra fee would be used to give lake towns a boost in their efforts to fight invasive weeds. A proposed $2 increase in boat registration fees would go primarily toward controlling milfoil in the 70 lakes and rivers already infested with the plant.

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4:32 pm
Thu May 15, 2014

Energy Siting Sails Through House; Power Line Burial Stuck in Senate

Credit Daniel S. Hurd via Flickr CC

There was movement on energy policy in both chambers of the New Hampshire legislature today. While reforming the approval process for power plants sailed through the House, rules encouraging burial of power lines got hung up in the Senate.

After making a few changes to a Senate version, on a voice vote the New Hampshire house passed changes to how proposed power plants get a permit. That means if the Senate agrees to the House version beginning in July, new projects will need to increase the amount of public outreach they do before submitting applications to be built.

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5:00 am
Tue May 13, 2014

Is New England Already Compliant With Upcoming Carbon Rules?

Credit iStock Photo/Thinkstock

When President Obama announced that he wanted the EPA to fast-track regulations on carbon emissions at existing power plants, the outcry was immediate.

“How are we all to blame?” asked Joe Manchin, Democratic senator from West Virginia, on Fox and Friends, “and why are we taking the hit that we’re going to be taking? Why is this economy going to be taking this hit? Why are jobs going to be lost? …and they will be lost!”

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4:55 pm
Mon May 12, 2014

High-Season For Lyme Disease Begins, Ticks Out In Force

Credit Brian M / Flickr CC

Health and environmental officials say New Hampshire is entering the highest risk time of year for exposure to Lyme disease, and the ticks could be especially bad this year.

“If you have to, move to Aruba,” says Alan Eaton, Biologist with the UNH Cooperative Extension, “Get out of here for the next month of six weeks or so.”

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5:37 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

Shaheen-Portman Efficiency Bill Headed Back To Senate Floor

A bi-partisan bill that is a major policy priority for Senator Jeanne Shaheen has easily cleared a procedural vote in the US senate. 79 Senators voted in favor of starting debate on the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, which would ramp up incentives for federal and private spending on energy efficiency measures.

Shaheen is co-sponsoring the bill with Republican Senator Rob Portman from Ohio.

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5:22 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

VT Governor Weighs In On Northern Pass Burial

Governor Shumlin's remarks came during a question and answer period during an event hosted by The New Republic Magazine.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin says he stands ready to help New Hampshire find an alternative route for the controversial Northern Pass project. The governor was speaking at an event hosted by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.

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3:46 pm
Tue April 29, 2014

Representatives Of 'Tailpipe' N.H. Applaud Supreme Court Pollution Ruling

Credit jE_Norton / Flickr CC

New Hampshire politicians from both sides of the aisle are praising a decision from the US Supreme Court upholding the right of EPA to regulate air pollution that crosses state borders.

The so-called “good neighbor” provision could mean Appalachian and Rust-Belt states will have to clean up their coal plants. The Northeast has already scrubbed the emissions from its power plants, but still endures low air-quality days in part because of emissions blowing in on the Jetstream from western states.

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5:17 am
Sat April 19, 2014

Wood-Energy Group To Provide 'Coaches' For Wood-Boiler Installs

Pellets being bulk delivered to a home with an automatic feed pellet boiler.
Credit Pellergy / Flickr CC

Thanks to a $250,000 dollar federal grant a new group is working to promote the burning of wood for heating in high-efficiency boilers in the Granite state

The New Hampshire Wood Energy Council consists of nearly fifty biomass supporters from state agencies, non-profit organizations, and industry representatives. Those representatives will serve as ambassadors for using wood-pellet and wood-chip boilers.

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5:30 am
Fri April 18, 2014

Has New Hampshire Become A 'Dumping Ground' For Wolf Dogs?

Tanner Brewer, manager of NEWARC, gives Emerald, a high-content wolf-dog hybrid, some scratches.
Credit Aubrey Nelson / NHPR

New Hampshire wildlife officials are wrestling with a proposal that would put them in charge of wolf-hybrids; those are wolves that have been bred with domesticated dogs. These sometimes dangerous animals are often abandoned because they can be unmanageable as pets.

And a population of abandoned wolf-dogs prompted New Hampshire officials to take another look at this animal that falls squarely in the grey area between wild and tame.

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4:33 pm
Mon April 7, 2014

A Glimpse At Your Future Electric Bill? N.H. Utility Experiments Encourage Conservation

Home Energy reports like this one are being sent out to as many as 25,000 customers as part of a PSNH pilot program.
Credit Opower

New Hampshire’s two largest electric utilities are piloting new billing programs, aimed at getting people to save electricity. These programs could be part of a sea change in the way we are billed for electricity, aimed at encouraging efficiency and conservation.  And while convincing Americans to use less energy has always been a bit of a slog, these two pilot programs in New Hampshire hope to change that. One uses the brunt force of economics and the other uses the subtle science of psychology.

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5:33 pm
Mon March 31, 2014

99 Percent Mortality Found In Some N.H. Caves Infected With White Nose

White nose is so-called because on most hibernating bats, the fungus is most easily seen on the nose, though it penetrates many of the bat's tissues
Credit USFWS Headquarters / Flikr Creative Commons

New Hampshire’s Bat Population is still sliding – fast – thanks to the invasive fungus, White Nose Syndrome.

White Nose syndrome has been present in Europe for a while, but it was first found in New Hampshire in 2009. It didn’t take long to start doing harm

“In 2010 we had some huge losses. It was really quite scary,” says Emily Preston, a biologist Fish and Game.

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