NH News
1:16 pm
Tue April 8, 2014

'Paycheck Fairness' Advocates Rally As Bill Moves To House

Sen. Andrew Hosmer speaks at a rally for the Paycheck Fairness Act, a New Hampshire bill that aims to bring pay for women in line with men.
Credit NHPR / Michael Brindley

After gaining unanimous support in the state Senate, a bill that aims to bring pay for women in line with their male co-workers went before the House labor committee earlier today.

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The Sidebar
1:56 pm
Fri November 22, 2013

Despite Gains, Closing Wage Gap Could Take Decades

The chart above shows how American women's wages have changed over time, from 1979-2011, broken down by age group. Data: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

New Hampshire women had plenty to celebrate a year ago, when voters elected a woman to the corner office in Concord and sent the nation’s first all-female congressional delegation to Washington.

But while the state’s political leadership basked in the media attention, most New Hampshire women continued to struggle with unequal treatment on the job.

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Word of Mouth
11:18 am
Wed August 14, 2013

When Women Buy Cars

Credit offleaseonlyfl via Flickr Creative Commons

A 2012 study from the University of Michigan shows that female drivers now outnumber male drivers for the first time. At the same time, there is some evidence revealing that buying a car at a dealership can be a much harder experience for women than men.  What about when shopping for vehicles online?  Writer Jamie Page Deaton is managing editor of US News Best Cars, and talked with us about the role gender can play when buying a new car, in person and online.   

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Word of Mouth
3:30 pm
Wed April 24, 2013

Breaking: Men Struggle With Understanding Women's Expressions

Credit grosdab via Flickr Creative Commons

A new study by German researchers sheds light on men’s inability to read the expressions of women.  It seems that males are better wired to interpret the non-verbal signals of other men.  Here to add neurological and historical context to our understanding of male/female communication is Tom Jacobs, staff writer for Pacific Standard, who wrote about the study.

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Word of Mouth
10:56 am
Thu March 7, 2013

Book Reviewers: The Gender Imbalance

Credit Emily Carlin vis flickr Creative Commons

Last week, we came across an info-graphic that went viral among bookish types on Facebook and Twitter. VIDA, an organization for women in the literary arts, released a series of charts illustrating the results of “VIDA Count 2012”…that’s a tally of male and female book reviewers at major publications --  including The Atlantic, Harpers, and The New York Times Book Review -- and the  gender of authors they reviewed over the past three years. Jason Boog is editor of the publishing website "Galleycat", where he blogged about the findings.

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All Things Considered
6:56 pm
Thu December 13, 2012

Of Hockey and Gender: Why a Female Player Wants to Keep Playing With the Males

Bishop Brady High School in Concord kicked off its boys’ hockey season last night with an 8 to 1 loss to Manchester’s Trinity High School.

Zach Frament scored Bishop Brady’s lone goal, with an assist by Shelby Herrington, who happens to be the only female player on Bishop Brady’s boys’ hockey team.

Whether she remains on that team for the rest of the season remains to be seen.

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The Exchange
10:00 am
Thu June 7, 2012

The Wage Gap War

This week, a highly-politicized bill titled the “Paycheck Fairness Act”, died in the U.S. Senate.   The bill was aimed at the so-called “wage gap”, between men and women.   It would have given workers greater legal rights, if they found evidence of pay disparities between male and female employees.   Republicans voted against the measure, saying it would have encouraged a flood of workplace lawsuits, while Democrats called the bill an important tool aimed at closing the divide between men’s and women’s paychecks.   We'll look at that, also what might cause this gap?

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Word of Mouth - Segment
11:09 am
Thu March 8, 2012

Did Women Really Win the Recession?

Photo by Charles McCain via Flickr Creative Commons

Remember the so-called Man-cession? That was the gloomy prophesy made early in the global economic downturn when construction, manufacturing, and other male-dominated industries collapsed. Some, including Hanna Rosin speaking on this program, projected a sign of sea change in America’s gender inequality. A 2010 study showing unmarried, childless, urban female workers earning more than their male counterparts reinforced the possibility that women could dominate in the new economy. 

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Word of Mouth - Segment
11:58 am
Wed December 21, 2011

Holiday Labor Inequality: Who's Really Wrapping the Gifts ?

Photo by: drafthorsedressage

While taking a break from the online portion of my Christmas shopping the other day, I discovered a colorful conversation ballooning on Facebook about a disgruntled minority that isn’t part of the 99 percent. That is, the overwhelming percent of all Christmas chores thought, bought and wrapped by the women of the household. This, of course, was not a conversation backed by facts or data, but an informal survey based more likely on the spirit of Christmas exhaustion.

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Best of Public Radio
12:00 am
Sat November 19, 2011

The Hidden World of Girls

The Kitchen Sisters Radio Series

NPR is pleased to announce "The Hidden World of Girls," two new hour-long specials hosted by Emmy Award-winning writer and actress Tina Fey.

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Best of Public Radio
12:00 am
Sat November 12, 2011

The Hidden World of Girls

Kitchen Sisters Radio Series

NPR is pleased to announce "The Hidden World of Girls," two new hour-long specials hosted by Emmy Award-winning writer and actress Tina Fey.

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