Word of Mouth
10:31 am
Thu June 21, 2012

Documenta: the Art Olympics

MeineKnipserei Flickr

Produced with Emma Ruddock

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3:06 am
Wed April 4, 2012

The Secret To Germany's Low Youth Unemployment

Metal-working apprentices train in Leipzig, Germany, in 2010. Germany has Europe's lowest youth unemployment rate, thanks in part to its ancient apprentice system, which trains about 1.5 million people each year.
Waltraud Grubitzsch DPA/Landov

Originally published on Wed April 4, 2012 2:47 pm

For as long as he can remember, German teenager Robin Dittmar has been obsessed with airplanes. As a little boy, the sound of a plane overhead would send him into the backyard to peer into the sky. Toys had to have wings. Even today, Dittmar sees his car as a kind of ersatz Boeing.

"I've got the number 747 as the number plate of my car. I'm really in love with this airplane," the 18-year-old says.

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Word of Mouth - Segment
11:51 am
Thu March 22, 2012

A Treasure Trove of Lost Fairy Tales Comes to Light

Photo by Lapidim via Flickr Creative Commons

Fairy tales: those moralizing, magical and sometimes disturbing remnants of folklore so frequently recycled on TV and film. Two movie adaptations of the Snow White story will be out this spring. Snow White and the Huntsman is the grittier version, starring Charlize Theron as an evil stepmother right out of the Brothers Grimm. And Mirror, Mirror, a fluffier, more Disney-esque than dark movie, with Julia Roberts in the same role.

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Fresh Greens
11:08 am
Fri September 4, 2009

Garbage Bin Rap

Fresh Greens
12:00 am
Fri September 4, 2009

Garbage Bin Rap