Listener Line

Rebecca Lavoie

It’s kind of the season for objects and artifacts of sentimental value. Consider the Christmas ornament: we trundle them out every year and unpack our memories. Whether it’s the tacky bulb from your childhood Christmas tree, your grandmother’s crèche or your child’s first handmade snowflake, we’d like to see yours. Post a picture--and even a story--of your most treasured holiday ornament on our Facebook page, wordofmouthradio, or tweet it to us @wordofmouth. You can also email your photos to our producers!

For our contribution to the station wide Work Series next week, we have a few segments in store for you. Including an interview with the co-author of a study that looked at what was more likely to increase worker motivation: cash bonuses or salary raises.

We want to know what you think. Which would you prefer? A cash bonus or an equivalent bump in your annual salary? Would a lump sum light your fire more than an increase in your paycheck. Weigh in on the Word of Mouth Listener Line: 603.223.2448

Remember, we reserve the right to use your message on the air. Thanks for listening!