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How Low Are Market Basket Prices, Really?

Aug 1, 2014
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Loyal Market Basket customers will often say it's the low prices that keep them coming back. The chain has long been associated with bargain prices on brand-name items, and that was before former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas chose to give customers 4 percent off their entire purchase this year. 

But just how much cheaper is Market Basket, when compared with Hannaford and Shaw's?

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The attorneys general of New Hampshire and Massachusetts have warned Market Basket officials to be aware of the rights of workers if they fire any employees.

In a letter addressed to the board Chair and co-CEOs of Demoulas on Thursday, New Hampshire Attorney General Joe Foster and Massachusetts A.G. Martha Coakley urged company leadership to be mindful of state laws regarding employee termination and pay.

Foster says his office has seen an uptick in calls from Market Basket employees questioning their rights under the law.

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Market Basket CEOs say they plan to start filling positions if employees don’t return to work by Monday of next week.

In a statement released this afternoon, the company’s CEOs said employees who have been protesting the firing of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas can return to work without fear of penalty.

However, they say they understand some employees may choose not to return, and the company will begin advertising for those jobs.

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Managers of Market Basket supermarkets are repeating their threat to quit if ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas is not reinstated.

A petition signed by managers and assistant managers of 68 of the 71 New England stores warns that they will immediately resign if Demoulas is not restored "with full authority." They planned to deliver the petitions to co-CEOs James Gooch and Felicia Thornton.

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Board members with the Market Basket supermarket chain say they're evaluating several offers to buy the chain.

Those offers include one from ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

The offers come as dozens of store managers have repeated a threat to quit if Demoulas isn't reinstated.

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Employees at Market Basket supermarkets across New England have entered their fifth week of protesting the ousting of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. While workers continue to attend their shifts, customers are encouraged to boycott the chain by shopping elsewhere. Facing depleted shelves and “Save Artie T.” fervor, Concord shoppers are forgoing Market Basket bargains in favor of pricier groceries.

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As Market Basket customers look for other options for their produce, New Hampshire’s farmers markets are getting a bump in business.

Jane Lang runs the farmers market in Salem and says she saw a definite spike this past weekend.

“There was actually a 15-car backup of cars waiting to get into the farmers market. It was unbelievable.”

Lang is also the president of the New Hampshire Farmers Market Association.

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Board members of the beleaguered Market Basket grocery store chain say they will "seriously consider" a proposal from its fired chief executive to buy the company as the chain faces a workers' revolt that has paralyzed the stores.

The board issued a statement Friday after meeting to discuss the company's future as thousands of employees protested the firing of a popular chief executive, Arthur T. Demoulas.

Market Basket Protest: Reporters Weigh In

Jul 24, 2014
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When beloved President Arthur T. Demoulas was fired from the Market Basket grocery chain last month, it set off a chain reaction of outrage and protests that has led to empty shelves, political firings and even customer boycotts. We've gather a team of New England reporters to discuss the controversy and the decades-long feud that brought it to a head.


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The former chief executive of the Market Basket supermarket chain whose ouster has led to employee protests, customer boycotts and empty shelves wants to buy the entire company.  

Arthur T. Demoulas says in a statement that he and his side of the family want to buy the 50-point 5 percent of the company now controlled by relatives who backed his firing last month.

Demoulas said the offer was "very full and fair one and should meet or exceed a seller's expectations of the value of the company."

The shelves are bare at many of the 71 Market Basket locations from Massachusetts to Maine as the public battle over the future of the supermarket chain shows no sign of slowing.  

Defiant workers gathered outside the company’s distribution center in Tewksbury today, demanding the reinstatement of ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas and demonstrating their contempt for anyone who hasn’t taken up the cause. 


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When the Market Basket situation blew up this weekend, so did Michael Devaney’s inbox.

“I knew something was up when I had 37,000 e-mails,” he said.

Many messages are short and angry, demanding the return of ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. Others are as long as book chapters. But 29-year-old Devaney said he hardly has time to read more than a handful.

Because he does not work for Market Basket.

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Workers continued to rally outside Market Baskets across New Hampshire Tuesday.

Market Basket employees in downtown Concord line the front of the store holding signs urging customers to boycott.

Many have their faces painted red and white as drivers honk in support.

Jason Desjardins is a 22-year employee at the Concord store and says they’ll keep protesting until longtime CEO Arthur T. Demoulas is reinstated.

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The long-running dispute in the Market Basket supermarket chain appears to be growing.

Recently the company ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas, who had vocal support from Market Basket employees but had long been at odds with a faction on the board led by his cousin.

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A DeMoulas family feud has Market Basket workers and customers questioning the grocery chain's future. A two decade long argument came to a climax on Monday when long time president Arthur T. Demoulas and two other executives were ousted by the company's board led by Arthur T.'s cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas. 

Market Basket CEO Ouster Brings Protest

Jun 24, 2014

Market Basket employees from New Hampshire are among those heading to a Massachusetts rally protesting the removal of longtime Market Basket president Arthur T. Demoulas.

Cody White works at a Market Basket in Concord.

White: We probably have like, ten employees going down to the rally right now to go show our support for Artie T., who is the leader of Market Basket. The board members are trying to get him fired, essentially—so we have a lot of support, and there’s even more from all the other stores.

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Anyone who’s gone grocery shopping at Market Basket knows the slogan: where you always get more for your dollar. But who exactly might be offering those purported savings may be about to change.