Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day '17

Jan 16, 2017
Ted Bell /

Think Civil Rights era, and the Jim Crow south probably comes to mind: Selma, Birmingham.  How about Brooklyn and Boston, where battles over school desegregation also raged? On today’s show,  a history of progress and regression in a region that considered itself blind to race.

Then, facial recognition software is now everywhere - in airports, stores, on our gadgets and on social media. The goal is security and public safety, but there are drawbacks to our growing dependency on biometrics:  not all faces are recognized equally.

Title/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Unknown Legend/ Caitlin Canty/ Reckless Skyline/ Caitlin Canty

One By One/ Terry Kitchen/ The Post American Century/ Urban Campfire

Fine Times At Our House/ Jesse Milnes and Emily Miller/ Deep End Sessions/ Deep End Sessions

Flash Flood/ Vicky Harris/ August in December/ Locust Street Music

Fortunes/ Harpeth Rising/ Shifted/ Grimm Rising

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning/ Kim & Reggie Harris/ Get On Board! Underground Railriad & Civil Rights Freedom Songs, Volume 2/ Appleseed