Martin Luther King Jr.

Britta Greene / NHPR

Speaking at a Martin Luther King Jr. event in Manchester, Governor Chris Sununu urged New Hampshire residents to add their voice to community forums in the coming months.


He pointed to his administration’s new council on diversity and inclusion, as well as a new Civil Rights Unit established within the Attorney General’s Office.



Martin Luther King Jr. Day '17

Jan 16, 2017
Ted Bell /

Think Civil Rights era, and the Jim Crow south probably comes to mind: Selma, Birmingham.  How about Brooklyn and Boston, where battles over school desegregation also raged? On today’s show,  a history of progress and regression in a region that considered itself blind to race.

Then, facial recognition software is now everywhere - in airports, stores, on our gadgets and on social media. The goal is security and public safety, but there are drawbacks to our growing dependency on biometrics:  not all faces are recognized equally.

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