Mont Vernon

Don Himsel/Associated Press

A man convicted in helping the killers involved in a 2009 Mont Vernon home invasion was granted parole at a hearing Tuesday morning.

Autumn Savoy admitted to helping convicted killers Steven Spader and Christopher Gribble dispose of evidence in the Nashua River hours after they had killed Kimberly Cates and nearly killed her 11-year-old daughter.

It's not yet clear when he will be released.

Savoy, who’s now 25, pleaded guilty in 2011 to conspiracy and hindering apprehension. He was sentenced to five to 12 years in prison.

Mont Vernon’s Alex Preston could soon be one step closer being the next American Idol.

Sheryl Rich-Kern

Mont Vernon voters approved changing the controversial name of a pond at its town meeting Tuesday night.

Whether or not to rename Jew Pond, which many consider offensive, garnered national attention in this small town.

But voters still don’t know what the new name of the pond will be.

A packed crowd of about 250 residents filled the gymnasium in the Mont Vernon Village Schoolhouse.

The turnout was impressive for a town whose population is less than 2400.

The town meeting began as it does every year with the pledge and a prayer.

A Pond in Mont Vernon With a Controversial Name

Feb 13, 2012

With Town Meeting Day set for March, February is when towns hold public meetings about the budget items and warrant articles that will go before voters.

Mont Vernon, in southern New Hampshire, is no exception; its public hearing is tonight. And one of the items drawing the most attention is a request to change the name of a small body of water known as Jew Pond.